Fake Rare Submision Form

This form is the first check that your Token/Card needs to pass in the submission process for the Fake Rare Directory.

If the Token/Card does not pass this form it means you need to make changes to the Token (locked, divisible) or Asset (Image dimesions/ratio) and come back and check on this form again.

To submit a Token/Card, you will need to have it minted on XCP, ideally using EasyAsset for the .json creation. If you have questions about minting on XCP please head over to this link and follow along the full walkthru document with time-stamped videos.

NOTE: Unlike the older submission system, images must be part of the Token on XCP before you submit the form below.

Once you have the Token minted, please fill out the form below and submit it. If the Token/Card passes all the checks, it will then get reviewed.

We use the Telegram and Email provided for moderation and will send Telegram message if Accepted or an auto email if Rejected.

Please only submit 1 TOKEN at a time for review. If your card is rejected, you can submit another.

NOTE: Please don't destroy your FAKEASF until asked to do so. if your submission is accepted, someone will give you further instructions via Telegram on the sacrifice.

Token Specs:

  • All Token supply must be held by the Minting Address
  • Image must be 400×560, you can use a larger version but please use same aspect ratio (800x1120, 1600x2240).
  • Aspect Ratio: 5 : 7 | Dimensions: 400 × 560 | Mode: portrait
  • Keep files under 10MB
  • Issuance must be LOCKED
  • Token must NOT be DIVISIBLE.
  • You must issue at least 21 tokens and no more than 10,000.
  • Minting Address must hold all tokens
  • No NSFW content please.

Upload Static Image or .gif

Does your card have physical(s) associated with it?

Only use the note field below if you need to tell the Fake Scientists specific details ie. if your piece is intended for an upcoming gallery, part of a mini-series, has a gamified distribution mechanism, etc.