Rare Lands Submission Form

To submit a card, you will need to have minted it on XCP and ideally used EasyAsset for the .json creation. If you have questions about minting on XCP please head over to this link and follow along the full walkthru document with time-stamped videos.

Once you have the Token minted, please fill out the form below and submit it. The submission will then get reviewed. If Approved (most are), you will get an email with a Link. You will now need to Destroy 69,420 KEKO Tokens from your Minting Address. Once you have done this click the link in the email to Verify. Once verified the card will then be deployed to the site in the next drop cycle.

Please only submit 1 TOKEN at a time for review. If your card is rejected, you can submit another.

We only use the email provided for the moderation email that is sent when a TOKEN is Approved or Rejected.

Token Specs:

  • All Tokens supply must be held by the Minting Address
  • Image must be 400×560, you can use a larger version but please use same aspect ratio.
  • Issuance must be LOCKED
  • Token must NOT be DIVISIBLE when creating an asset, the default is set to divisible.
  • You must issue at least 21 tokens and no more than 999.
  • No NSFW content please.